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Kinda busy this week - there will undoubtedly be a bit of lag on replying to emails, checking messages, etc.

Settlement for our house is happening today, and I spent yesterday chasing up last-minute problems with paperwork and finance. The vendor is charging penalty interest for the delay, so we'll try to get some money out of St George as the mistake was theirs. Right now, my bank account is empty.

The Business Plan entry is being assembled today, and is due by 9am tomorrow. We've spent the last three days on it, and have overhauled a lot of content. I have one more bit of industry research to write up, and then I'll spend the rest of the day working in InDesign.

Marketing brief and press release are also due tomorrow.

~320 pages of interview transcripts need to be read before the Small Business project meeting on Thursday. I'm putting my long train trips to use, looking for themes and quotes from the data.

Project summary for Small Business project also due on Thursday, for our progress report.

Briefing day for the Business Plan presentations is held at Ernst & Young on Monday 7th. I'm becoming the official "team leader" as I'm a full-time student. That also makes me the lead presenter, so I'll be fielding the majority of our questions.

30th Birthday is on Saturday 12th! Never have I felt older than in the past two months. Haven't organised anything yet - will try to wrangle something next week.

Business Plan presentation materials due by Friday 18th. These will need to be in earlier than that, as I won't be in town then...

In Brisbane for GenCon from Thursday 17th - Monday 21st. I'm running Warmachine demonstration games on Friday and Sunday, and playing in a timed tournament format on Saturday. Louise is running a freeform on Saturday afternoon. I forsee much Arkham Horror, cocktails and good beer during the evenings.

Business Plan presentation is from 3:15pm - 3:45pm, Monday 21st, followed by a media interview. We present to a panel of eight judges, all of whom are professional investors. Apparently I'm supposed to wear "corporate attire," though I don't actually own any such clothing.

I also need to re-book my flight back from Brisbane, as I'm currently due back in Melbourne after our presentation starts...
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Bad: The bank (St George) claim to have never received the original copies of our FHOG application form. They also didn't mention this until yesterday; too late to get a replacement to them in time for settlement. This means they didn't approve the loan in time, and we will not be making settlement on the house today.

Good: Our conveyancer has rescheduled settlement for next Tuesday, and the mortgage broker has express-posted a new copy to the bank.

Bad: Currently waiting to hear back from the vendor about whether they'll charge penalty interest for the overdue payment. Two days doesn't sound like much, but interest charged on the cost of a house is painful - especially when we've tapped out our finances getting this far.

Good: My team made it through to the finals of the RMIT Business Plan Competition. We now have four days to revise and update the document. The finalists then give presentations on September 21st, which are used to determine the winners.

Bad: I'm not due to arrive back from Brisbane until 15min after our presentation starts. I need to find out whether I can re-schedule my Virgin Blue flight, or if I have to buy a new ticket... unfortunately I bought the cheapest ticket option, so all options are going to be expensive.

Good? I'd like to do some kind of birthday-ish thing next month, as my 30th conveniently falls on a Saturday. Organising something amongst the raw elemental chaos of the next few weeks will be a bit tricky, but I'll figure something out.

I'm beginning to realise why I've had so much trouble sleeping over the last two months.

Here's hoping we win the Business Plan competition :) I think my share of the prizemoney will go on medical bills and a bottle of Bushmills. Some time in 2010 I'd like to schedule in a quiet moment to lie down for a bit.

'ere we go

Jul. 26th, 2006 06:30 pm
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It might be week two at Deakin, but it's the first week back for Melbourne Uni. That means I'm just in time to make a new start of things :)

I went to the first Tai Chi class for semester two today, and got quite a few curious looks... I vanished without a trace last semester, two weeks after paying my membership fees. In the third week my "free" mornings promptly got swallowed up by travel times to reach Burwood, cutting off any chance I had of reaching the rest of the classes.

I've missed it, though. I've missed getting things done in the mornings, too - I'm not exactly on an "office hours" timetable these days. Realising that peer pressure is a much stronger motivator than good intentions, I've told everyone to loudly ridicule me if I don't keep going to Tai Chi this semester, as I don't have morning classes any more.

Getting up early has done strange things to my brain, too. I've spent the day cleaning and throwing out junk, and putting things up for sale/giving them away on WAU. Which reminds me - [ profile] kitling, I found another cache of Dark Eldar for you :) Which days are you working in the uni this semester?

In other news, I spent a while looking into bank accounts and interest rates. Turns out that I actually earn 0.01% on my main account, which would explain the complete lack of earnings on that front. I'm shifting it across to a savings account, where I'll get five hundred and sixty five times the interest :) Still not a huge amount, but better than the pittance that I've had recently. Plus, it won't involve setting up any new passwords for online banking, which is nice.

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