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After Conquest wrapped up, I took [ profile] aeliel away to northwestern Tasmania.

Overnight ferry trips. Cradle Chateau. Wandering the valley. Four visits to the Wilderness Gallery. Watching platypi feeding at dusk. Waterfalls and gorges. Mountain tracks closed off by rockfalls. Blue lakes and clear skies. Rocky coastlines. Rain on the sand. Rockpools and rookeries at Stanley. All memories of a great week, but hidden in the week of surprises I had one more to reveal.

On Thursday April 12th, on the shores of Lake Lilla in the Cradle Mountain National Park, I asked [ profile] aeliel to marry me. She said yes, and everything has been happily surreal ever since.

And that's my story.
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Words will come later. For now, pictures are all I have...

You can find more on my photo gallery page.
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I'm back in town, having carried half my body weight over a mountain range, and then eaten half my body weight at all-you-can-eat restaurants in Hobart. Going through three hundred photos has helped to jog my memory, but I think I'll still be remembering new facets from the trip for many months to come. Before all the memories trickle out of my brain, I thought I'd try writing some of them down...

Naturally, there are lots of pictures behind the cut... it really isn't possible to do justice to a trip like this without them. Most images are ~20k, so there shouldn't be any real problems loading things. If you just want the photos, you might want to jump straight to to look at the thumbnails. The Pbase site also has larger versions of the images for those who want to see a bit more detail. Here are a few thumbnails to whet your appetite :)

Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair )
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The bags are mostly packed. I've taken a bit of extra gear, as my pack seems to be a lot larger than [ profile] aeliel's.

We have new scales in the house :) I'm now about 61kg, which means that I've finally gained a bit of weight. With the amount of food that I'll be eating over the next week, even after all the walking I might gain a bit more... I don't really have any body fat to replace with muscle, so muscle mass will add to the total. Mind you, I'll be burning energy at a good rate of knots.

Unfortunately, with the gear that didn't fit in the other pack I'm now carrying about 25kg + water + fuel. Adding in boots and a jacket, it'll end up being uncomfortably close to 50% of my body weight when fully loaded for the trail, which seems a bit imposing.

Fortunately, about a third of that is food. I think I'll be doing my best to eat most of the food before we cross the Pelion Gap, but I'll still have to take the full load up to the top of Cradle Mountain on Monday. This should be interesting...
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Since I last wrote anything here, I've left CSIRO for a few months of wandering aimlessly before I start studying again. There's no sense doing anything half-heartedly, so I'm wandering with a vengeance - wandering all the way to Tasmania this weekend for eight days on the Overland track, and then spending some time in Hobart for R&R. My fellow conspirators are [ profile] aeliel, [ profile] fetnas, [ profile] geserit, [ profile] mousebane and [ profile] futurelegend...

We're catching a bus from Launceston to the Dove Lake/Cradle Mountain camping area, and starting the walk on Monday morning. If all goes to plan, we'll reach the southern shores of Lake St. Clair eight days later, and jump on a bus that takes us down to Hobart. Considering the amount they're charging for those bus tickets, I'd like to see platters of beluga caviar and buckets of champagne laid on for us, but I think it'll be more a case of tired and dirty people hoping to get some hot food in Hobart.

I've spent the last few days drying out fruit in the dehydrator I've borrowed from home. It'll be running around the clock until Saturday, churning out dried apples, nectarines and strawberries as fast as we've been buying them from the Vic Markets. Hiking food seems to have three sources of appeal: preparing the meals (which I seem to enjoy...), eating the meals (always a good thing), and feeling the pack get lighter after each meal (hurrah!).

Tomorrow is a day for waterproofing everything I can. I know a few people who've been caught in snow on the peaks, even in mid January... so the extra coat of Sno-Seal could come in handy. Then it's off to buy the last of the supplies, and wait for everyone to come over on Saturday night.

I'm taking my camera and a tripod, on top of all that food. I think my basic plan is to eat, take photos, eat, walk, and take photos. I'll have to renew my Pbase subscription when I get back, so I can upload a new gallery. If anyone's interested in the pictures from last year's trip, you can find them at

Should be fun.

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