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It feels like late on a Friday night.

It's not, of course - compared to recent bedtimes it's actually bloody early, and it's Wednesday. A lot of people are out celebrating various things, though... lots of Christmas or end-of-year parties, RMIT's graduation extravaganza, [ profile] mousebane's 21D magazine launch. [ profile] aeliel has just had her final day of work with the students around. I at home with my feet on the desk and the speakers cranked up, enjoying my first listen to Pendulum's recent-ish album.

It's been a long time since I posted anything in here, though, and I felt like writing something. Between LJ, twitter and facebook I read an awful lot these days, but rarely feel like writing more than occasional spur-of-the-moment tweets.

November was a mess, much as I thought it might be. Four back-to-back conferences and three interstate trips combined forces to leave me feeling exhausted - fascinated and inspired, but exhausted nonetheless.

When I got back to Melbourne, deadline season killed me and took my stuff. I should have seen it coming, but it always shocks me just how hard the bastard can hit.

I've typeset 436 pages in the past six days, for two study guides. I've also written material for the Virtual Safe project report, due next week. Late at night, I've finished two long overdue painting commissions. I've done another PhD interview, and worked on a chapter of my thesis. I started up a LinkedIn group for the CRC research students, and still have a couple of layout jobs to finish next week.

It's not healthy, and after a few weeks of redlining it, it's not a lot of fun either. I seldom reach bed before 1am, haven't slept before 2am in weeks, and generally get up before 7am. I'm beginning to feel the strain of keeping focussed on all the things I need to finish each day, in order to reduce tomorrow's pile. I almost wish I still drank coffee, but I need steady hands for my painting.
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Two years ago today, [ profile] aeliel and I got married :) Since then, we've moved out of the city, started postgrad study, bought a house, moved back to the city, and I've changed jobs. There has been a lot going on over the past couple of years, and I can't imagine having better company on the journey.

Mostly by accident, today is one of those rare moments when I can stop and take a breath. There are no meetings or interviews scheduled until tomorrow. I know that there are a thousand things that need doing at the moment, but I'm determined to enjoy the tiniest bit of solace here in the eye of the storm.

The next month has now officially become ridiculous. I'll be at four different conferences over the next four weeks: CCI Symposium in Melbourne this week; CPRF in Sydney next week; OZCHI in Brisbane the following week, and then back to Brisbane at the start of December for the CRC annual conference. While all that's happening, I'm still doing interviews for my project, and writing part of a report for the Virtual Safe project.

Two long-overdue painting commissions are on my desk. Next week, I get the 2010 corrections for the VCE Economics study guide that I do the layout for. The following week, book two (International Politics) arrives on my desk, and both books need to hit the printers by mid December. While that's happening, I have a poster and conference presentation to prepare, and a thesis chapter to write. This is officially the pointy end of the year.
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Feels like I'm trying to keep lots of things in the air at the moment. I suspect that the next month will only get more hectic from here.

I'm now in the interview phase for my PhD. This means that I need to find people running small businesses and using social media - of any type (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, forums, Last.FM, posterous, YouTube, Tumblr, etc). I've split the sample into three groups: 10 each of Hospitality, Retail and Services.

I have about ten so far, and need more. I'm sending out more emails this week, but will probably still need another 15 after that. Ideally, I need to interview them before the end of September. If you know anyone who might fit into the project, please let me know. I'm hoping to get all 30 from the greater Melbourne area, but may need to look further afield if I have trouble filling the quota.

Next week, I fly up to Brisbane for the CRC participants' meeting. I think I'll head up on Tuesday night, as I need to be there before 9am on Wednesday - and the thought of a 6am flight doesn't thrill me. Should be an interesting day, with lots of different presentations happening. I'm presenting my research at 2pm, along with a few of the other students.

I took today (mostly) off work, and (mostly) managed to not work on the weekend. That's the first time in ages that I've had three days away from the various different projects. It's been awesome.

I also just bought two plane tickets to Christchurch in September. I think that a week spent climbing mountains and walking along glaciers sounds like a great way of guaranteeing that I can get some time away from work :)


Jan. 5th, 2009 08:26 pm
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Errrggh. The New Year has been good to me so far, but I feel like I've been hit by a truck... :)

Heresy/Black Widow was a good night - I saw some people I haven't seen in ages, and danced a lot. As [ profile] delphaeus mentioned, it felt like a night out five years ago - unfortunately, complete with choking drifts of smoke-machine fog. I'd like to go again, as Footscray is surprisingly close to North Melbourne - but as of next month, we'll be a few hours down the penninsula.

Right now I'm at home, enjoying the last month of being able to call it home. We've hired a van for next Thursday, and will be heading down to Somerville with as many boxes and bits of furniture as we can manage. It's not The Big One, but I'm hoping that we can take enough stuff to avoid needing a truck on Moving Day.

Now that I think of it, January is looking kinda frantic:

Last week: Parties, good food, good company.
This week: Packing. Painting (three jobs in two days). Take van to Somerville. M&M's wedding.
Next week: Honeymoon! Out of town from 12/1 - 18/1.
After that: Painting (for Arc). Running three events at Arc.
And finally: Last packing. Move house. Start PhD, plus a loooong commute each day.

Saturday 31/1 is Moving Day. If anyone can help us load the van in the morning, we'd love to hear from you - we're planning to pick it up around 11am, and head off by 1pm. Unloading at the other end won't be a problem (everything is at ground level there), but extra pairs of hands in North Melbourne would be great.

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