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I like being awake late at night. The road outside is quiet, and the house is still. It's a time to sit and think; separated from all the chaos and noise of the day. If not for nights like this, I may have lost my mind years ago.

Right now I'm sitting back with my feet on the desk, computer in my lap, headphones on. I've been chasing memories in the depths of the YouTube music video collection. Boy, does it ever have some depths - more often than not I find terrible, terrible covers masquerading as the real thing. Nasally emo kids screech out lyrics, while a guitarist belts out the riff he learned to play on. Yeah, I don't know why I'm doing it either :)

The covers aren't universally terrible. Sometimes a good one turns up, and it's the ghost of such a cover that drives me to click through on all the rest - though I must admit, I haven't made it more than a few seconds into any of the last few.

Something just called for music tonight; pumped in via headphones to make a little bubble of late-night noise, cocooned in the silence draped across my suburb.
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I need to finish a painting commission before I go to sleep tonight. I haven't been taking many new jobs lately, but I've still managed to accumulate a large pile of figures on my desk. Four regular customers keep me in enough work to fill the time I have available, and I've been turning down a lot of work lately.

Problem is, I can't start painting just yet... I got home from the gym a little while ago, and I feel like I've been hit by a truck :) Once I've cooked something substantial for dinner, hopefully my hands will stop shaking. I think there's probably about 3-4 hours of work left in the figures, so if I can start by 9ish I'll get them finished in reasonable time.

If I ever feel rushed, I just think of Paul Kodish playing the drums to this track live... and then everything feels so much slower in comparison...

I've been listening to a lot of Pendulum this week. It seems easier to do those hundreds of little jobs with a soundtrack pounding away at 170bpm.


Mar. 15th, 2010 01:14 pm
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I lost all my Massive Attack tracks when the desktop computer died. Instead of hunting down all the albums again, I found a copy of Collected - fifteen years worth of memories, from Blue Lines onward. It's not quite the same as being able to listen through whole albums, but it's a good start.

Massive Attack are touring Australia at the moment, for the first time since 2003:
they're playing the Opera House forecourt tonight, and the Myer Music Bowl on the 20th. I'd love to go, but tickets are $100 a pop - well and truly beyond my budget. They're in town to promote Heligoland. I haven't bought a copy of the new album yet, but have been streaming bits of it from various different websites. It's slowly growing on me - not as immediately catchy as some of their past releases, but I like what I've heard so far. It's also much more affordable than a concert ticket (sigh) so I might buy a copy of the album instead.

(Hint: the Paradise Circus clip is very much NSFW, being mostly made of footage from The Devil in Miss Jones. Google at own risk... ye been warned!)
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It feels like months since the last proper Sunday happened, so I figured we were due for a bit of a break today. [ profile] aeliel and I headed up to Blackwood yesterday, blitzed the remaining work on the church, and got started on the all-important taste testing of food for the wedding... I plan to spend a few days in the kitchen beforehand, as it'll be a good chance to cook for people again.

Today has still been productive, but the most important activity has been kicking back on the couch listening to trip-hop radio on After all, Sundays aren't really Sundays without an appropriate soundtrack...


Aug. 18th, 2008 03:37 pm
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Working out of two houses is tricky. Everything I go looking for tends to be in the other house, which makes for slow going...

I'm back in Melbourne at the moment, catching up on work and emails until I head back to Somerville again. Motivation to get started on things is at an all time low, although I'm slowly getting things done. I hope we get some better weather soon. As much as I've enjoyed wandering around in the rain over the past week, it's time to see this city rendered in something other than shades of grey.

On Friday night I took an exhausted [ profile] aeliel to the VNV Nation concert. It had a very different feel to the 2005 show - more casual, larger crowd, harder to get people up and moving. Ronan left plenty of singing for the crowd to do, though I'd rather he sang more often... the crowd didn't manage much volume or coherency except on the odd chorus or two. The band played a good mix of songs from across their albums, closing with a great version of Electronaught. I loved the show and wished I'd been able to stick around for the afterparty, but it had been a rough week. 2am might not be an "early" night, but it felt like one at the time...

Setlist: Farthest Star - Darkangel - Nemesis - Illusion - Epicentre - Chrome - Legion - Standing - Honour 2003 - Perpetual -- [encore 1] -- Homeward - Solitary -- [encore 2] -- Further - Beloved -- [encore 3] -- Electronaut

Saturday saw Ian's 30th celebrated in style with a 20,000 point 40k: Apocalypse game. The traitor legions had their first victory, after finally toppling one of the Imperial titans. Being outnumbered 4-0 by the lumbering war machines made things a bit tricky, but I have plans to build a Plague Titan to accompany the rotting legions in the next game... and maybe some anti-aircraft weapons as well. Being outflanked by the Imperial Navy is tough.


Jun. 20th, 2008 03:52 pm
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VNV Nation and Angel Theory are playing the HiFi Bar on August 15th - more info is available here. Who else is going?

You can allegedly get tickets online here (~$50 + a $3 booking fee per ticket). I think it's all a cunning ruse though, as I've tried three times to buy tickets, recieving a different error code each time. If anyone wants me to pick up a ticket for them, I'll be going in to Heartland over the weekend.

Their last Melbourne show (2005?) was great, with Ronan and Mark showing up at an afterparty that finished at 8am, and then signing albums a few hours later at Heartland. Well worth seeing live.
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I never realised that I'd had a Scottish pirate-metal-shaped hole in my life until now.

To quote a fan from the Pressgang forums: "To get an idea of how they sound before you follow the link, imagine if Captain Barbosa murdered the lead singer of Dragonforce and took his place. And added an accordian." It's fantastic :)

The band is called Alestorm, and you can find their music here. It's a MyspaceMusic site, so it may start roaring at you as soon as the page loads, but it's worth a visit if you aren't at work. If you like tongue-in-cheek metal bands, full of ale, wenches and dread pirate curses, you need to listen to this band.

The day is the seventh of June, 1692. The place: Port Royal, Jamaica. A fearsome earthquake demolishes most of the surroundings and causes the drowning of almost two-thirds of the city and the death of close to half of the people in it. The locals that survived reffered to the disaster as an "Act of God" because of the city's sinful reputation. The locals did not know that the real cause of that earthquake was just a couple of miles into the Caribbean sea, in the form of four Scottish pirates - A guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist with a keytar, jamming on a ship named "The Alestorm" - had just struck that fatal pinch harmonic.


Dec. 27th, 2006 05:27 pm
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I seem to have survived my second week of family Christmases, although if another turkey so much as looks at me I may become vegan... Blackwood was a little colder than we'd been expecting, with [ profile] aeliel's car getting covered in hailstones while we ate dinner on Monday afternoon. The roads were white with hail for about an hour, until the sun came out and evaporated all the puddles. It's not every day that you can see clouds of steam billowing off a road that had been covered in ice an hour earlier.

My music collection has grown a little dusty, lately. Towards the end of the year, I've been cutting back on most of my spending as I won't have any sort of steady income for a while... however, the internet happens to be full of (legal) free and cheap music, if you take a moment to look.

I've been listening to Celestial Aeon Project (a.k.a Essence) today - it's one of the projects from Michikawa on Lots of good background music and soundscapes, composed with games in mind. I'm going to have a look at Project Divinity later - same person, different style. Music from both projects is freely available, although Matti lists a few links to charity organisations for those who want to donate some money to a worthwhile cause.

While browsing for more music, I discovered Magnatune. I like a record label with the byline of "We Are Not Evil," backed up with a mission statement explaining why that's the case. Magnatunes have full versions of all their albums streaming off their website, so you can listen to entire albums while working out what to purchase.

The cover price is variable, too... 50% of the sale goes to the artist, who retains full rights to their work. You can choose to pay anywhere from $5USD to $18USD per album, depending on how generous you're feeling. That gives you a choice of file formats (WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG and iTunes AAC), and the cover art as a PDF (300dpi, for printing). If that wasn't enough, the sale price gives you three additional (legal) copies to give away to friends.

I'm listening to the album 'Ethnic' by Shiva in Exile at the moment. Lots of Middle Eastern and Indian rhythms, with the occasional African drum beat or Chinese flute. Good music to write an Exalted game to...

A dilemma

Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:06 pm
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So. Tool are playing a Melbourne show on Jan 31st, at the Myer Music Bowl. Last time I saw them live was after the release of Lateralus, and I'd really like to see them again.

The best part of the last Melbourne show was the atmosphere out in the crowd, where I spent most of my time as close to the stage as I could survive... The Music Bowl is a strange venue, though - fixed seating up front, with the hill extending way back from the stage. It's back to front from what I'm used to, as the "General Admission" area ought to be right up front.

Gold tickets are for the seating area; Silver tickets are for the grass. The seats will get in the way, but it guarantees getting nice and close. The price is close enough to be negligible.

Who's seen bands in the Music Bowl before? Can anyone recommend one option over the other?

I'll be waiting outside the Ticketmaster office when tickets go on sale at 9am this Friday... I'm just not sure which to get, if they have both available.
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Sometimes, you don't know what you're craving until it tears free of your speakers, grabs you by the throat and screams "SNAP OUT OF IT!" right in your face.

Today has been one of those times.

I've had a head full of fog and cobwebs for days now... every time I try to focus my thoughts, things slip unseen into the mist. Fortunately, I'm so close to freedom that I could rip a hole in the wall to find it waiting for me. It's taken a while to remember that I had the claws for it, though...

I may as well have been sleepwalking when I headed home tonight. Like any other night, I opened a folder of notes and sat at my computer - hours and weeks merge, fading into featureless grey. Like any other night, I absently turned on some background music to drown out the drone in my head. Unlike so many recent nights, I cranked the volume up loud enough for a song to drag me out of my stupor. And drag me it did... there's just something about a band who can call their first demo disc "Total Fucking Darkness" with a perfectly straight face :)

Time to tear down these walls and let the sky back in. I've stalled here too long.

Heavens above
Fear the gorgon eyes of a new caste rising
Expect no love
When they enter your golden halls

On sanguine floods
Hear the foregone cries of the last surviving
Skewered like doves
Outside these wailing walls
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It's been a week of speaking to old friends on the phone... thanks to the people who have called me out of the blue this week. I rarely get called at home, so it's always a nice surprise to hear from people... As a general rule I'm utterly hopeless at keeping in touch with people - months, or years, will slide by before I get up and do anything about it. Maybe tonight it's my turn to make a phonecall.

I'm in a musical mood today. I just discovered Juno Reactor's Bible of Dreams album - how did I manage to miss this one? I've listened to their earlier stuff, and plenty of the more recent stuff... but this made my day :)

I thought I'd collect some song-related thoughts - many of these were originally written in a meme that passed by [ profile] kikilon's journal a while ago. These are a few favourite songs, and the reasons why they stick in my memory.

  • Apocalyptica: Ruska. A beautifully sombre instrumental, it tends to creep up on me. This band makes me want to learn cello...

  • VNV Nation: Beloved. Many, many good memories associated with the track, despite the bittersweet lyrics. It summed up the good parts of 2004.

  • Tool: Eulogy. I played it all the way through 1996/7, through good and bad. We played it in the senior common room after my best friend's funeral, loud enough to be heard halfway across the school... when the staff noticed who was in there, they decided to leave us alone for a while. I'm still grateful for a chance to say goodbye amongst a group of good friends.

  • Aphex Twin: Didgeridoo. Late-night painting and thesis-writing music. Listen in, focus, and tune out the world.

  • Apoptygma Berzerk: Starsign. My cheesy EBM music :) Included in the list for the huge grin I had after witnessing an entire bar of goths breaking out into spontaneous song for the chorus, late one night at Psychonaut.

  • Wumpscut: Wreath of Barbs. More memories of late nights at clubs. The first time I heard it, I'd been dancing for almost seven hours - it made for a good winding-down song, before my body gave out. Grabbing my umpteenth bottle of water from the bar, I was asked if I was taking anything... they wanted to know what would stay in your system for that long :) I shrugged, told them that I was training a lot, and left it at that...
What songs have stayed with you over the years?

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