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It may be only February, but I have the uncomfortable feeling that my year is already full. There's precious little room to breathe in the calendar, and the next six months will be particularly hard. If I get slack at returning emails, or cancel things without much notice, please bear with me - I'm going to have to do what I can to stay sane.

I have a few goals: not all about my PhD, but there are a few in there as well.

Family: Make sure every day contains some time spent with [ profile] aeliel when we aren't actively doing other things. Occupying the same room =/= spending time together. We're both busier than we ever have been, so that time is more precious than ever.

Kung Fu: Grade for 3rd Blue after Easter. I haven't quite learned all of the requisite Kul Dar form yet (it's a sequence of 126 movements, and requires more flexibility than I currently have due to jumps that transition into leg sweeps or kicks), but I think I can learn it in time. It's been over ten years since I last took a grading. Training regularly is good for keeping me healthy (and being physically exhausted enough to sleep), but it's good for mental discipline as well.

Thesis: Methodology draft this week. Update the social media overview next week. Finish coding the first half of my interview data during March. These things will help me to get it finished in time. It's a slow process, building up momentum to write these chapters.

Games: A surprisingly important sanity measure - these give me time to relax in the company of some excellent friends. Keep playing the weekly RPGs for as long as possible. Help [ profile] aeliel plan out a Call of Cthulhu game for Arcanacon next year - though most of the writing will be a post-thesis project. Play in some WM tournaments and leagues, when time allows, to stretch the tactical part of my brain.

Painting: Another important one - this time for being able to relax on my own. I can't keep doing the late nights now that I'm at work by 8am each day, but painting after midnight is an indulgence. I like painting when the world outside goes quiet. It lets me gather my thoughts, or set my mind adrift while my brush takes over.

That's the barest hint at what I'll be doing over the next few months, but if I can manage those I will be on the right track.
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2012 is the Year of the Thesis, but I will also be doing some painting as well. It's become a bit of a tradition to track that, so I know what I need to finish (and how much I've done so far). This is the 2012 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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I'm beginning to lose track of what I need to paint when. These are my current painting deadlines, for the next two months. To be fitted into one day a week (around my PhD), and an hour a night on some weeknights.

Monday, March 7th
Commission job.
To paint: Razorback tank and turret.
For: Denis F.

Sunday, March 13th
35 point Warmachine/Hordes tournament at Battle Bunker.
Taking: Cygnar (Major Victoria Haley).
To paint: Black 13th, Gunmage Strike Team (3 models).

Friday, March 24th
Commission job.
To paint: 6 Infinity (Yu Jing) figures.
For: Nick.

Saturday, March 26th
35 point Warmachine/Hordes tournament at Hampton Games Club.
Taking: Khador (Butcher + 5 Heavy Warjacks + 4 wreck markers)
To paint: all of them (10 models). These are a commission job for Joel D.

Friday, April 15th (Melbourne in Flames weekend)
Commission job.
To paint: 10 Horrors of Tzeentch, 9 Chaos Havocs, Firestorm Armada fleet.
For: Ian A

Friday, April 15th (games weekend)
Commission job.
To paint: Hell Dorado starter box, Doppelsoldners & Captain, Swashbuckler (9 models)
For: David P

Friday, April 22nd
50 point Warmachine/Hordes touranment at Conquest.
Taking: General Adept Nemo (list 1), Major Victoria Haley (list 2).
To paint: Stormblade unit and Unit Attachment (8 models).
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The tradition continues. Here's the 2011 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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The tradition continues. Here's the 2010 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )

The Plan

Oct. 21st, 2009 04:40 pm
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Thursday 22nd: Finish commission painting (Ulthwe Eldar), pack painting gear.

Friday 23rd: Start work on 2010 Study Guide layout. Stay in the city overnight.

Saturday 24th: Painting (Kensington). Stay in the city overnight.

Sunday 25th: Painting and wallpaper (Kensington). Head home to pack.

Monday 26th: Work on AMF paper.

Tuesday 27th: Disassemble desks and shelves. Pack clothes.

Wednesday 28th: Moving truck arrives in Somerville at 8am. Should be in Kensington around 11am. Unload, and reassemble furniture. Unpack things.

Thursday 29th: Unpack office stuff. Work on CRC conference abstract.

Friday 30th: Continue working on Study Guide layout.

So much to do, so little time to do it in.
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Kinda busy this week - there will undoubtedly be a bit of lag on replying to emails, checking messages, etc.

Settlement for our house is happening today, and I spent yesterday chasing up last-minute problems with paperwork and finance. The vendor is charging penalty interest for the delay, so we'll try to get some money out of St George as the mistake was theirs. Right now, my bank account is empty.

The Business Plan entry is being assembled today, and is due by 9am tomorrow. We've spent the last three days on it, and have overhauled a lot of content. I have one more bit of industry research to write up, and then I'll spend the rest of the day working in InDesign.

Marketing brief and press release are also due tomorrow.

~320 pages of interview transcripts need to be read before the Small Business project meeting on Thursday. I'm putting my long train trips to use, looking for themes and quotes from the data.

Project summary for Small Business project also due on Thursday, for our progress report.

Briefing day for the Business Plan presentations is held at Ernst & Young on Monday 7th. I'm becoming the official "team leader" as I'm a full-time student. That also makes me the lead presenter, so I'll be fielding the majority of our questions.

30th Birthday is on Saturday 12th! Never have I felt older than in the past two months. Haven't organised anything yet - will try to wrangle something next week.

Business Plan presentation materials due by Friday 18th. These will need to be in earlier than that, as I won't be in town then...

In Brisbane for GenCon from Thursday 17th - Monday 21st. I'm running Warmachine demonstration games on Friday and Sunday, and playing in a timed tournament format on Saturday. Louise is running a freeform on Saturday afternoon. I forsee much Arkham Horror, cocktails and good beer during the evenings.

Business Plan presentation is from 3:15pm - 3:45pm, Monday 21st, followed by a media interview. We present to a panel of eight judges, all of whom are professional investors. Apparently I'm supposed to wear "corporate attire," though I don't actually own any such clothing.

I also need to re-book my flight back from Brisbane, as I'm currently due back in Melbourne after our presentation starts...


Jun. 17th, 2009 04:34 pm
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My research proposal (preliminary literature review, methodology & research methods, research timeline) is now finished and handed in. Hopefully it's meandering through the bureaucracy as I type - it needs to cross a few different desks before it gets approved.

Last week I interviewed a couple of business managers (partly for the CRC project, partly for my thesis). I'm currently writing notes on the two interviews.

I've caught up with my business activity statements for Purple Mantis, and paid the GST for last quarter. After retrieving some of the files from my old PC, I can now send invoices again :)

I've started updating the Purple Mantis website, and reduced the ranges carried - I'm only planning to stock sculpting tools and putty from now on, though I will add new tools as I discover them.

I'm helping to set up a new gaming ezine with other members, and have designed some page layout templates in InDesign. I'm wearing two different hats on this project: layout/production guy and "Other Games" subeditor, keeping track of things like Privateer Press, Alkemy, Infinity, Anima:Tactics and Hell Dorado, trying to give the smaller companies a bit more exposure.

The 2009 Uberlist continues to grow, with another batch of painting completed. Of course, it seems to be growing faster than I can cross things off the list...

Still to do:

Purple Mantis: Migrate across to my other Siteground account (currently holding two other sites). Siteground's shared hosting accounts now have "unlimited" web space and traffic, and purchasing an add-on domain will be cheaper than running it on a separate account.

Painting: Infinity (Nomads) will be painted over the next week; lots of resin models will also be cleaned up and assembled on Monday.

Holiday! [ profile] aeliel and I will be in Tasmania (Hobart and Freycinet) from June 29th - July 6th. It will be nice to have a few days away from work.
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We have finally finished moving out of North Melbourne, though it will be at least a few weeks before we make any real progress on unpacking in Somerville. Since spending a full day moving on Saturday, I've spent 6-10 hours every day cleaning, carrying boxes down stairs, loading and unloading the car. I'm now very, very tired.

Disgusted at the sheer volume of stuff I own, my new year's resolution is this:

By December 31st, 2009, I will find new homes for at least half of my possessions.

I've taken many boxes to the Red Cross donation bins over the last month, but haven't made a dent in the majority of things. Most of what I own is not essential. Too much of what I own has been retained out of habit or sentimentality. I'd like to break the former, and have no room left for the latter.

In order to make a start on things, here are a few categories:
  • Models: In order to buy any new figures, I will sell two that I already have. I'm already limiting myself to only spending money raised from painting; now I'll actively reduce the number of figures as well.

  • Roleplaying books: If a publisher won't sell PDF copies, I'm not interested in their products. I have bought my last paper RPG for the forseeable future.

  • Music: I already only buy digital copies, unless I'm at a concert. This won't change. Many old CDs can also be given away.

  • Paperbacks: Give away anything I won't re-read often. Join a library or three. I've bought my last novel for the year.

  • Clothes: Keep only what I'll wear often. Give away all the rest. Sentimental clothes only stay if they are still being worn. I've aleady sent all my old shoes and boots to the Op Shop.

  • Kitchen equipment: If one item can do the job of several, all the other items can go. I like cooking for people, but don't really need enough equipment to serve 20 people at once. The Op Shop will be getting a load of old cutlery, crockery, pots and pans once I unpack those boxes.

Unsurprisingly, this will be a year when I take Discardia far more seriously than I have in the past...

(PS: still using dialup this week - if anyone needs to contact me, call me instead as I won't be reading LJ or checking email often)
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It's become a bit of a tradition, and I've already managed to get through a lot of figures this year. Here's the 2009 Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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Lest I forget what I'm working on, here's this year's Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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One unit down, three to go. I've been painting pretty solidly since 11am, stopping whenever my arms go numb or my legs fall asleep. It's been years since I painted quite this much at once, but the general work environment (deadlines to the horizon) is remarkably familiar... it's not just that I've been here before. I think part of me never left.

Sometimes, I wonder what I'd do if I had unlimited time to work in. I think that I know the answer, though - I'd take on an unlimited number of tasks, starting them only in that final frantic dash for the finish line. The world is a cold and lonely place when it's not full of ten million things to do, so I've buried myself in a comforting amount of work.

Target for tomorrow is to finish one unit (a retinue of nine Chosen terminators) by lunchtime; shoot some photos, edit them and email them to Ian, and finish another unit (nine Flamers) by dinner. That will leave me a single unit (another nine bloody Flamers) to finish on Thursday, plus fixing any missed details on the sixty-odd models painted so far. Weather permitting, I'll varnish the lot at some stage on Friday. After that, if anyone so much as hints that I paint another Flamer, you may see stories about tragic accidents involving eye sockets and steel files in the evening news...

It's taken months to build up steam, so I hope this run continues after the tournament. I should have enough work to take me through until mid July, or early August if another couple of jobs evenuate. If I can keep this up, I'll slam into the GenCon speed painting contest in August and keep accelerating from there. You're not driving fast enough unless there are bits of engine breaking off as you go :)
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High time I got organised. Here's this year's Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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Despite a brief public appearance last night, I've returned to uni-imposed exile... at least for another week.

All of the Communication Entrepreneur material is now in, although I'm likely to continue doing the same work for a while yet... as a direct result of researching a "hypothetical" freelance communication business, I've now started my own. If you know anyone who could use a writer, editor or designer, give me a yell :)

I'm now working on two other extended pieces. One is late, but virtually finished. The other is due next week. It's in that all too familiar state of "ten thousand words of references and random thoughts," but it's a subject I'm happy to streamline into a 3,000 word package. It's also a handy bit of practice for any future science writing projects.

Work for Media Design is waiting until last, when everything else is finished. Three assignments, one essay. I'll take a warp-speed look at virtual reality interfaces, graphics in game design and photographic storyboard narratives, and finish it up with two thousand words of dystopian speculative fiction.

After that, my course is finished. I think I'll celebrate by collapsing in a heap, and spending at least 48 hours unconscious. It may be the only way I'll get any rest :)

In November and December I'll be primarily doing design work and sculpting to pay the bills, plus any other jobs that crop up. I'll also figure out how to build two websites - one for the communications gig, and one for my painting. Then January will hopefully be full of hiking, in nice photogenic places that I can write travel articles about...


Oct. 5th, 2006 10:17 pm
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Things are a little... hectic... around here.

Four more weeks to finish off the year's uni work. After that, I can start getting my life back into some semblance of order. The tricky part is getting through that final round of deadlines, though.

Currently working on:

Feature article: A flock of cyborgs. Feature on "guerilla science," inspired by the Pigeonblog project. I want to look at environmental projects that foster a hands-on approach among the public. Science isn't just for scientists, and the environment is not a problem to be left for someone else. Get out there and get involved.

Capability statement, financial plan, portfolio. The "sell yourself" part of Communication Entrepreneur. A useful exercise, as it forces me to think hard about what I'm good at, and what I can offer other people. It's been helpful so far for sorting out priorities, but now I have fill in all the details on my financial plan - including two years of projected income.

Presentation: business plan. Also for Communication Entrepreneur. The presentation is assessed, and I'll hopefully have some handouts (brochure, etc) ready for it. I'm not particularly worried about giving the presentation, just about getting enough material together for it. Fortunately, I have a weekend to handle that.

Research essay: predictions for the communications workplace in 2020. Much less esoteric than the title sounds, this is directly related tot he business plan above. The real emphasis here is keeping it relevant, and keeping a weather eye on the horizon for changes in the way we communicate. Emerging and changing communication technologies are a big focus here, of course.

Research assignment: The future of the book, in the electronic age. For Publishing. I'm looking at trends in file formats and storage media, as well as devices to read the things. Digital ink, eBook readers, anything that makes a file accessible in some portable fashion.

Media Design assignments 3-5. Photographic story boards; graphics use in electronic game design; virtual reality technologies. A random grab-bag of stuff, much like everything else in the subject so far. I'm hoping that they become an interesting diversion, instead of an irritating distraction.

Speculative fiction: future human/computer interactions. For Media Design. Actually an essay, though a strangely worded one asking for a speculative account of possible futures. No plans for where to take this yet. By the time it's due, I will have a brain full of technology and futurist scenarios as a result of everything else on this list, so I'm hoping that inspiration will strike while I'm working on something else.

These are all due in the next four weeks. Well, three weeks for all the non-Media Design work, and an extra week for that.

Meanwhile (back at the ranch) I'm sorting out my 2005/2006 tax, finalising the UniCon budget for 2006, sending invoices all around the world, finding out how to use the ATO digital certificate for Business Activity Statements, finishing Junior Horizons 9-3 for an impending deadline, and working on the memoirs book.

If the last week of toothache is telling me anything, I'll also have to find time to get at least two wisdom teeth out. I'm hoping that I can intimidate them into staying up in my gums by showing them how much work they're interrupting... if that fails, I may still be finishing those final assignments in mid November.

Bring on January! I want to climb mountains, take photos, paint, sculpt, and get away from flickering computer screens. I have a bike that needs riding, and trails that need exploring. I want to find out where next year leads me.
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I want to keep track of how many projects I've worked on this year. To that end, I'll add them to this post as new ones appear, and strike them out when they get finished.

Much of this is cut from old LJ lists, so I haven't typed the whole lot today - here's the list so far: )
Next up, I'll add my writing pieces to the list... right now, it's time to get back to work :)
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Contempt of Court paper: the issue is mostly unravelled, and dear gods does it get complicated right before the Supreme Court challenge. I guess that's why they took it to a higher court, as both sides were getting tangled up in their definitions. I'm feeling very glad that I decided against Science/Law all those years ago. Two sections to finish writing, and then the conclusion.
--> Complete by tomorrow lunchtime. Print it out, go to uni, hand it in.

Crazy layout project of craziness: much heavier workloads are looming over the next three weeks, and I need to get this finished. So, I've asked to be able to do the second chapter myself, in order to get onto the index etc faster. After that I'll see just how long it takes to upload 500MB of art + 80MB other files, with a 512/128k connection.
--> Finish chapter by tomorrow night. Export ch1-5 as PDFs, compile index on laptop Thursday. Start uploading on Friday.

Then, there's a busy weekend followed by a week of playing with fire 'doing research' for another nonfiction feature. tutorials, here I come :) Also, writing a media folio by next Friday.

Due around the end of the month:
29 May: 1500 word nonfiction feature + 400 word exegesis
29 May: 2 x 800 word short pieces (nonfiction)
29 May: Minor Editing assignment (proofreading)
2 June: 2500 word Defamation Law paper
5 June: Major Editing assignment

After the end of May, almost all my weeknights open back up again. Even better, by June 9th I've handed in everything I'm working on - work, uni, the lot. After (or at) Retrocon I intend to start hunting you lot down, as I miss seeing living, breathing people on any sort of regular basis.

I also intend to pick up my paintbrushes again. With four large commissions lined up, I might actually be able to pay some bills with my mercenary pigments. It's also time to sharpen up those sculpting skills.
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April is one of those months. May will be worse, in terms of assessment - however, this month is still managing to make sure I'm kept on my toes. It's good to stay busy, right?

Sat 1st: Interview for Profile piece.
Sun 2nd: Draft Profile.
Mon 3rd: Finish Profile. Usage assignment for Editing. Editing class.
Tues 4th: Work on copyediting assignment.
Wed 5th: (Getting laptop repaired) Missed Law class. Begin Contempt of Court assignment.
Thu 6th: Media writing class. Nonfiction class. Write Feature proposal. [ profile] miss_rynn's game.
Fri 7th: Layout work
Sat 8th: Finalise MSM components.
Sun 9th: Family over for lunch. [ profile] bishi_wannabe's game.
Mon 10th: Blurb for RetroCon. Editing class.
Tue 11th: Preliminary layout work - Eos. Check files, set up IM.
Wed 12th: Law & Ethics class. Work on Contempt assignment.
Thu 13th: Media writing class. Nonfiction class. [ profile] psuedonym777's birthday dinner. Golgotha.
Fri 14th: Conquest.
Sat 15th: Conquest.
Sun 16th: Conquest. Run Warmachine tournament.
Mon 17th: Conquest. Judge Emily painting competition.
Tue 18th: Layout work - Eos (#1)
Wed 19th: Layout work - Eos (#2)
Thu 20th: Layout work - Eos (#3)
Fri 21st: Layout work - Eos (#4)
Sat 22nd: Layout work - Eos (#5)
Sun 23rd: Liber Animus tournament.
Mon 24th: (Withdrew from Liber Animus day #2). Nonfiction proposal due. Editing class. Work on Copyediting assignment. File notes from weeks 1-7.
Tue 25th: ANZAC day holiday. Layout work - Eos (#6)
Wed 26th: Law & Ethics class. Contempt of Court research.
Thu 27th: Media writing class. Nonfiction class.
Fri 28th: Layout work - Eos (#7)
Sat 29th: Layout work - Eos (Final runthrough)
Sun 30th: Copyediting assignment.


* Finish Contempt of Court assignment (due 12-4-06, but will have an extention)
* Finish copyediting assignment (major), due 1-5-06


Feb. 28th, 2006 10:26 am
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For the first time in years, I've been able to sit down and do a specific job without trying to wander off and work on ten others. It's a nice feeling to start the studying year with. Of course, it took outside help (thankyou [ profile] aeliel) to shift my headspace somewhere that I could start getting things done.

I got snowed under with work during Honours, and then lost any chance that I had of getting back on top of things when I got sick at the end of the year. That was a while ago... late 2004, in fact. Unfortunately, I never really found my way back out from under the pile of work - after the thesis I went straight back to CSIRO, and after finishing work there were jobs I'd been neglecting to do at home.

Did I get everything finished in some kind of caffeine-fueled workathon? Hell no. In fact, much of it will never be finished. I think I've done the things that mattered, though. Last Friday I cut my ties to the things that should have been dropped months (or years) ago, on some advice from [ profile] aeliel.

Important: Things that are important to me.
Urgent: Things that I need to do by a particular time, for someone else.

Urgent and Important: At the moment, my new uni course fits in here. I can learn a set of skills that I know will be valuable to all the different directions that I'd like to take my life over the next few years. It's likely to dominate my time for the next few months, but (unlike Honours) it's something that I am doing because I know that it's what I want.

Important but not Urgent: The things that matter to me, which up until now I've found myself trying to fit in after everything else is done... or more commonly, not doing at all. They deserve to have a higher place on the list. Things in this group at the moment include spending more time with you lot... Learning to use my design and layout software more effectively. Setting up a website for my painting and sculpting (something to do in the mid-year break). Practicing my forms, and learning the rest of the Wudan tai chi.

Urgent but not Important: Things that need to be done, but don't matter to me personally. I do them when I can find the time, within the timeframe I'm allowed... but they aren't allowed to intrude on time or space that belongs to something higher up the list. Paying bills, running errands. Assignments that I don't see the relevance to (fortunately, I haven't seen any of these yet). Many of my paid jobs fall here. I'll get them done by the deadlines set, but I'm not interested in seeing them take over my life again.

Not Important, not Urgent either: I don't have time for these any more. Half-forgotten projects that I've tried to finish out of a sense of completeness. Jobs that have been passed on to me because their owners can't be bothered doing them. Half of the things on my "to paint" list have fallen into this group - they might become urgent mid-year, when I'll need to sell more figures to pay the bills. Until that time, they've been moved outof sight... there just isn't enough time to waste it worrying about things that I don't have the time to do.
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Weird observation: I've been working here for 1844 days, according to the paperwork that I've just signed. I completely lost track of time over the weekend. As [ profile] aeliel has finished up at her job, we were both home for the end of last week... the calendar was re-labelled 'Saturday 1,' 'Saturday 2,' and on until we forgot what number we were up to. As my new initiative for the next few months, I intend to reclassify all days as Saturdays until further notice. I played around in Photoshop with some 12th Century Chinese watercolours, and built a pair of page borders for the Weapons of the Gods introductory adventure that [ profile] bishi_wannabe's been working on. I've also discovered a few more features in InDesign, and I'm thirty pages in on the typesetting & layout. I still stand by my belief that it would take several lifetimes to discover all the features hidden in the Adobe suite... It's about time I started to consolidate the projects that are on the go at the moment... if I don't gather them together, I'll end up leaving a few unfinished. Time for a new list: )
Phew! Put like that, there's quite a lot of it...

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