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After Conquest wrapped up, I took [ profile] aeliel away to northwestern Tasmania.

Overnight ferry trips. Cradle Chateau. Wandering the valley. Four visits to the Wilderness Gallery. Watching platypi feeding at dusk. Waterfalls and gorges. Mountain tracks closed off by rockfalls. Blue lakes and clear skies. Rocky coastlines. Rain on the sand. Rockpools and rookeries at Stanley. All memories of a great week, but hidden in the week of surprises I had one more to reveal.

On Thursday April 12th, on the shores of Lake Lilla in the Cradle Mountain National Park, I asked [ profile] aeliel to marry me. She said yes, and everything has been happily surreal ever since.

And that's my story.
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Words will come later. For now, pictures are all I have...

You can find more on my photo gallery page.
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I'm back in town, having carried half my body weight over a mountain range, and then eaten half my body weight at all-you-can-eat restaurants in Hobart. Going through three hundred photos has helped to jog my memory, but I think I'll still be remembering new facets from the trip for many months to come. Before all the memories trickle out of my brain, I thought I'd try writing some of them down...

Naturally, there are lots of pictures behind the cut... it really isn't possible to do justice to a trip like this without them. Most images are ~20k, so there shouldn't be any real problems loading things. If you just want the photos, you might want to jump straight to to look at the thumbnails. The Pbase site also has larger versions of the images for those who want to see a bit more detail. Here are a few thumbnails to whet your appetite :)

Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair )
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Eight people, twenty four wheels, one sunny day and an enormous pile of fish and chips later...

Photo and bike trip )

In other news... randomly spotted on [ profile] izzylobo's journal is a Le Parkour video and more information at

I've never learned how to tumble, especially to the extent these guys do it. However, I have good balance, sure footing, and I can leap an awfully long way. I feel like building my strength and reflexes to try this out somewhere... I've always considered the world to be an obstacle course waiting for a starter's pistol :-) I'm starting twenty years late, but all I'll achieve by stalling is holding myself back further...

[ profile] fetnas - as the most acrobatic person reading this, any pointers for getting into shape for tumbling? I'm quite serious about getting back into shape, and I'm using random acts of ridiculousness like this to keep myself motivated.

Home again

Mar. 23rd, 2005 05:28 pm
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I've covered quite a bit of ground since leaving work on Friday...

This post is more about pictures, and less about my ramblings - I'm not sure I can really do the terrain justice without showing what we walked through. Over the weekend I took well over a hundred photos, many of which will be joining the first twelve pictures here as I get around to editing them.

More of the story (and pictures) behind the cut... )

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