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2012 is the Year of the Thesis, but I will also be doing some painting as well. It's become a bit of a tradition to track that, so I know what I need to finish (and how much I've done so far). This is the 2012 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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The tradition continues. Here's the 2011 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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The tradition continues. Here's the 2010 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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It's become a bit of a tradition, and I've already managed to get through a lot of figures this year. Here's the 2009 Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )


Mar. 20th, 2008 03:27 pm
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Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I can paint without having everything evaporate straight off the palette...

This one's a Vanguard light warjack, for Warmachine. Modified a little (I build a new spear, added the ternion brand on the shield, and turned the head around), and painted up in Fiona the Black's personal colours - black and purple, with the symbols of the Dark Twin. Lots of fun to paint - I'd forgotten how much I like detailing these things, and adding colour (rust, patina, etc) to the metallic parts. Hopefully I'll get a lot more painting done over the next few weeks.

Two more pictures behind the cut: Read more... )
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Yikes. Suddenly it's the week before Conquest again, and I seem to be missing a few more weeks out of my year.

I haven't been able to finish much work lately, as painting in 40ºC heat tends to be an exercise in futility... the paint dries before I can get it on the brush. Still, we're due for a change tomorrow. I'll see what I can do before the weekend, and then pick up the next batch of models at the convention.

I'm running a trade stall at Conquest this weekend - drop by and say hello, as company is always good. I'll be down near the canteen, with a table full of stock and another table covered in model-building projects. Traders will be put into two areas this year, and I think my area only has two other stalls - everyone else is upstairs in the main rego hall. I'll be close to the miniatures gamers, though, and they're more likely to be interested in painting and sculpting...

The weekend rushed by even faster than usual. I rode up to Brunswick West, exploring more of Royal Park on the way. [ profile] aeliel's bike still needs some emergency surgery before it will work again (misaligned pedals are tearing the chain off the gears), so I headed out on my own. [ profile] thekit's housepark-warming in Brunswick seemed successful - the park was indeed warm. Apologies again for abruptly vanishing when everyone else went in search of dinner - [ profile] hespa, we should catch up sometime soon.

Also - congratulations to [ profile] lycaonia and Pete :) I hope that everything went well on Saturday!

Here's a pic of the happy couple - er, a pic of a happy couple that I've been sculpting over the last few weeks. They are designed to easily detach from the base, so they could be attached the top of a wedding cake :) Lots of fun to paint, too. I added a few details like knotwork on the back of the gnome's cloak (pic), and tried out a few tricks painting gold, silver and gemstones without using any metallics or gloss paints.
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A very blurry work-in-progress picture of the State of Origin trophy piece from Arcanacon... (shown here at about 200% of the actual size)

I really need to set up a proper photo rig, instead of taking handheld shots at the kitchen table...

I still need to finish sculpting it, and then cut the top off the metal disc (it's not centred at the moment). This will be painted and attached to the State of Origin trophy, which tracks the winning state from any Warmachine or Hordes tournaments with significant numbers of interstate players... South Australia convincingly won it at Arc this year. The next title will probably be at GenCon Oz.

Speaking of which, who else is going? If hotel rates are putting you off, try the Quest apartments - you can fit a few people in (we have four in a two-bedroom place), and they have a full kitchen (handy for saving money instead of eating out for every meal). For half the cost of a hotel, we're staying 5min from the convention, two blocks from the Botannic Gardens.
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Lest I forget what I'm working on, here's this year's Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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I've started fleshing out the armatures of two sculptures for [ profile] lycaonia. I haven't sculpted anything on this scale before (roughly 1/16), so it's interesting watching the models take shape. I'm glad I bought some 11.5 guage aluminium wire for the armatures - anything narrower would take years to sculpt over. Probably won't be taking any work-in-progress photos of these, as I need to work quickly... I'm impressed with how the new (ProCreate) putty handles, though - I doubt I'll ever go back to using kneadatite/greenstuff again.

Going from the screenshots that I'm using as reference pictures, computer game animators have strange ideas about proportions. I'm working on two characters, one much shorter than the other - but the shorter of the two has a massively larger head, and short femur & humerus compared to the lower legs and arms. The intended effect (when the characters are placed near each other) is probably to exaggerate their features, making tall characters impossibly tall and angular. However well the illusion may work when finished, those characters look very ungainly as wireframes...

To make sure I have enough ongoing projects to channel-surf between, I also started assembling the next batch of commission painting - continuing the ongoing saga of Ian's Thousand Sons, which I've been working on for well over a year now. Hopefully, one day I'll visit him in Canberra so I can see what it it all in action. I keep sending things up there a unit at a time, and I think there must be 4000 points of models by now. With the release of the Apocalypse rules, people have started buying their models by the platoon and company...

I walked about 10km during lunch instead of eating lunch today. Not much, in the scheme of things, but it's a start. I'm remembering to leave the house during daylight hours and get some exercise in, although I tend to forget about eating until [ profile] aeliel gets home from work...
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These are the models I took over to Gencon. I painted them over two evenings, trying to keep to the colours used in the Infernal Contraption artwork. They turned out well, although my picture-taking leaves a bit to be desired :) I seem to have focussed on the bases, leaving the models a bit out of focus...

Lots of fun painting the rusty metals. I took some plastic gears (from an old printer, I think) and sprayed them black, brushed on a solid coat of silver, and gave them a few layers of matte medium + paint. I've mainly used Battlefield Brown and Bloodstone, from the P3 range. Bloodstone is a very handy colour - it's the orange-brown that appears in the midtones. On larger areas, I used a bright orange to highlight the rust.

Bigger pictures under the cut... )
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On the weekend, I was set upon by a new muse. Four of the little buggers, in fact - I'd just played a game of Infernal Contraption, and suddenly needed to convert up the four characters from the box artwork...

One trip to Mind Games later, I had three blister packs of Gobbers to start work on. Many hours with a Dremel, jeweller's saw, files and putty later, this is what I came up with...

From left to right: Alchemical, Gears, Voltaic and Steam card types. The 5c coin is there for scale...

Now to paint them up :)

I think I need professional help. Fortunately, spending a couple of days doing sculpting workshops at Gencon should fit the bill nicely...

EDIT: here are the reference pictures...

More trolls

May. 4th, 2007 11:42 am
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I converted these ages ago, and they've sat on the shelf ever since... I finally got around to painting them this week, when I needed a break from the endless Flamer daemons. Sorry about the slightly blurry pictures - the camera seems to have focussed on everything but the centre of the models...

I converted all the models out of the Trollblood starter box, mixing and matching torsos, legs and arms so everything looked a bit different. I also had a mis-cast axe (haft only, no blade) so I decided to make my own out of plasticard and putty.

I painted the flesh tone with Reaper's Marine Teal, shaded with Vallejo's Gory Red, and highlighted with VGC Dwarf Flesh. Teal is a great colour to work with - there are so many different colours that work well with it for shading and highlights. The Reaper paint line has some great colours, but it really doesn't thin very well compared to the Vallejo and Privateer paints - it needs some water added to reach the right consistency, but the pigment seperates quite easily.

Browns were all done with Bloodstone and Bootstrap Leather (P3) and a bit of Scorched Brown (VGC) for shading. I really like the way the P3s handle - I kept changing the colour of the models with thin glazes of paint, whenever I found a new combination that worked. I think I used Menoth White Base for some highlights, too. These are the first models I've really had a chance to play with the new P3 paints on, and I like what they can do.

The metallics were a bit of an experiment in using Bloodstone to simulate rust. I made a mess trying to re-highlight the metals, so I ended up watering down Citadel's Boltgun Metal and using it as a glaze to get some shine back into the speartips... it seems to have worked okay, though it wasn't what I was aiming for. Bloodstone is a great colour for corroded steel and iron, though :)
Two more pics under the cut )
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High time I got organised. Here's this year's Uberlist - a list of all the painting that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut )
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I posted a few early photos of this model here, and it just kept on growing... total size is about 18cm tall, with the nine little Nurglings used to make sure the sense of size/bulk comes across. Plague daemons are fun to paint.

Technically, this is third on my list of pre-Arcanacon painting work. So, of course, I painted it first. Go structured procrastination! (and thanks to [ profile] shehasathree for the link - I'm glad that other people have noticed the phenomena. I used to call it competitive procrastination, as I lined up tasks and raced them against each other...).

I finished sculpting it on Sunday, and fired it in the oven. Assembled it on Monday afternoon, sat down to paint it last night, and then eight hours mysteriously vanished from my evening. I vaguely remember time passing, as the tendons in my wrist got more painful. Next time, I really ought to take a few more breaks.

It's painted with a mix of Jo Sonja's craft paints; Derivan MiNiS and Vallejo model paints; Reaper and Games Workshop inks, and Vallejo's matte varnish, gloss varnish, and glaze medium. Glaze medium was invaluable on such a large model, as it changes the surface tension of the paint - thin washes could be used to tint the underlying colours without leaving blotches as they dried. I think that I ended up painting with almost everything on my desk.

The milky eye will be repainted in blues instead of lurid green, as it gets lost in the greenish flesh too easily at the moment. Other than that, it's ready for Arcanacon...

There are lots more pictures here, plus a couple behind the cut )
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I sat down at the desk with a pack of sculpey and a plan to make Fury tokens for Hordes... and somehow ended up with bits of plague daemon all over the place. It's amazing what happens when you tune out for a moment or three :)

I haven't tried using Sculpey for detail work before - actually, I've only ever used it to coat a wire armature. It's fun to work with: brittle at first, and then like plasticene once it's been kneaded. Even better, it gets a rubbery feel to it once it cools back down - I sculpted the head (in two parts) and the bits of sword arm first, and then started mashing them together later on. The bit of resistance helps to preserve detail when I inevitably squash something under my fingertips. That's lucky, as I'm hoping to only fire this in the oven when it's all finished.

Here's what grew out of my desk...

More pictures under the cut )
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I've sculpted 50-odd tyranid beasties over the past few weeks, but I've ended up getting a bit sick of 40k models as a result... for a change of scenery, I've (finally) started to make some progress painting the Hordes models that I've been converting.

There are a few larger pictures under the cut. The green parts on the unpainted model are kneadatite putty (greenstuff), and the troll's gnawing on a plastic genestealer leg that I had left over from the Naga project...

Model was painted from a black undercoat using Reaper Master Series "Marine Teal" as a base colour, with a few drops of Vallejo "Fortress Grey" and "Dwarf Flesh" added to the bottle. I've shaded the muscles by adding small amounts of Gory Red (making a nice purple colour), and the highlights use the base colour with more Dwarf Flesh added to the mix.

The leaves on the base come from Silver Birch seed pods that I picked at my parents' place... unfortunately the glue's still a bit wet in these photos, so there are a few white patches.

I'm pretty happy with it so far, although the high-res photos brought out a few mistakes that I hadn't seen earlier. I'll touch them up when I next have some blue-green paint on my palette, and then I'll add a coat of varnish to stop it getting scratched.

More pics... )
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I want to keep track of how many projects I've worked on this year. To that end, I'll add them to this post as new ones appear, and strike them out when they get finished.

Much of this is cut from old LJ lists, so I haven't typed the whole lot today - here's the list so far: )
Next up, I'll add my writing pieces to the list... right now, it's time to get back to work :)

Trolls :)

May. 17th, 2006 01:23 pm
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It's been far too long since I had anything to post pictures of. I've hardly had time to look at my painting desk for the last few months, but I've finally managed to find time to assemble my Trollblood models for Hordes. Of course, putting together multi-part figures "as they come" just doesn't quite feel right, so I got out the putty and tried to mix things up a bit...

I also had a chance to try sculpting some more details - pouches (cloth), armour (inorganic lines), muscles (organic curves), and building an axe head with runes carved into the guard. New putty makes a big difference, as it's much easier to work with. Sculpting during the day also helps... to get a smooth finish on surfaces like armour, you need to bevel the surface after about an hour. Any earlier and the putty is too sticky to get a smooth surface from; much later and the surface has cured. This is a problem when the "one hour mark" would normally occur around 3am.

Pictures and descriptions under the cut... )

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