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I went to the third Little Wars event on Sunday, and had a great time. After finding out about Larb's death the previous night, I wasn't entirely sure if I'd make it out of the house on Sunday morning. I'm glad that I did, though.

Little Wars is an annual one-day wargaming event, bringing together clubs, stalls, painters and sculptors from around the country. It's held at Club Tivoli on Dandenong Road: sharing the space with the German Club. As a happy side effect there's a restaurant (good German food, but terribly slow service) and a licensed bar. A pint of DAB with some friends goes a long way to lifting my mood.

Little Wars is also home to a painting competition run by the local OzPainters crew. Despite my late arrival, I managed to get an entry in just before they started judging. They made the final cut but didn't place, which was nice - same result as last year, when I entered another figure from the same army. I didn't paint them with a competition in mind, so it's nice to know that my gaming figures are at a decent standard when compared with the rest of the entries. Next year, I'd like to work on some entries aimed specifically at the competition. You can see the full results (including photos of almost all entries) here.

These are the figures I entered: Remotes from the Nomad army, from the game Infinity. They are some of the most complicated metal figures I've ever assembled (even the Tsyklon's ammo feed is a separate piece, needing to be glued in two places), but I think they're worth the effort. For an idea of the scale, the bases are 40mm across.

Salyut Zond, carrying an EVO repeater for hacking support

Reaktion Zond, with a heavy machinegun and mines

Vertigo Zond, with a guided missile launcher

Tsyklon Sputnik, with a spitfire and marker
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I recently finished a figure for the sci-fi game Infinity, and entered it into the Little Wars painting contest where it made the finals, but didn't place.

The figure is about 50mm tall. Compared to the other Infinity models, it's quite a large mech - most of the human figures are sculpted in "true 25mm" scale. I originally painted it in very cold colours, and then decided to go back and use much warmer whites and browns to contrast with the turquoise. I think this works much better with the warm colours on the base: rusty metal and yellowing grass.

Some old Eldar transfers were used to add some more detail on the flat surfaces, and I used a torn piece of sponge to put rust and paint chips onto the figure. The real trick is making the details small enough, so that a relatively small figure ends up looking like it could be huge...

I also played around with ink and varnish on the ammunition feed (which was tricky to pin in place, as it's barely wider than my smallest drillbit). Some of them were a bit strange (yellow ink is very highly pigmented...) but it's fun trying out some new techniques :-)


Jul. 16th, 2008 03:26 pm
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We went to see Vexille last night, after [ profile] aeliel reminded me that ReelAnime ends this week. I loved it to bits. Powered armour suits, giant robots, posthuman conspiracies and gorgeous animation. The wasteland scenes mix equal parts Dune and Mad Max, with 'sandworms' made from aggregate swarms of feral robots that wouldn't look out of place in the third Matrix film. If I can find somewhere selling the soundtrack and score, I'll be getting a copy.

You can find the UK trailer here, and a longer preview showing the attack at Mount Filar here.

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