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2012 is the Year of the Thesis, but I will also be doing some painting as well. It's become a bit of a tradition to track that, so I know what I need to finish (and how much I've done so far). This is the 2012 Uberlist - a list of the painting projects that I've started (italics), finished (strikeout) or simply added to the to-do list (regular font).

If you're interested in seeing what's on my painting desk at the moment, you can find the list behind the cut.

Painting and Sculpting:

  • Warmachine: Pirates (Leigh A)
    • Press Gangers [x10]

  • Warhammer 40,000: Thousand Sons (Ian)
    • Thousand Sons [x18]
    • Thousand Sons Havocs [x9]
    • Thousand Sons Havocs [x9]
    • Horrors [x10]
    • Chaos Spawn [x2]
    • Stormraven Transport #1
    • Stormraven Transport #2
    • Stormraven Transport #3
    • Thousand Sons [x9]
    • Rhino

  • Warmachine: Retrbution of Scyrah (Del)
    • Heavy Myrmidon (Phoenix/Hydra/Manticore/Discordia)
    • Heavy Myrmidon (Phoenix/Hydra/Manticore)
    • Heavy Myrmidon (Phoenix/Hydra/Manticore)
    • Tombstone scenery
    • Grave scenery
    • Steampunk scenery
    • Sci-fi scenery

  • Hordes: Skorne
    • Hexeris, Warlock
    • Morghoul, Warlock
    • Rhinodon #1, Heavy Warbeast
    • Rhinodon #2, Heavy Warbeast
    • Archidon, Heavy Warbeast
    • Titan Gladiator, Heavy Warbeast
    • Bronzeback Titan, Heavy Warbeast
    • Razorworm, Light Warbeast
    • Bloodrunners [x6]
    • Bloodrunners [x6]
    • Cataphract Arcuarii [x6]
    • Bloodrunner Master Tormentor, Solo
    • Bloodrunner Master Tormentor, Solo
    • Bloodrunner Master Tormentor, Solo
    • Extoller, Solo

  • Warmachine: Khador (for Joel)
    • Man-o-War Demolition Corps [x5]
    • War Dog solo
    • Battle Mechanik Officer (UA)
    • Battle Mechanik unit [x6]
    • Gun Carriage Battle Engine
    • Epic Butcher, Warcaster

  • Warmachine: Thamarite Mercenaries
    • Rocinante, Heavy Warjack
    • Kayazy Eliminators [x2]
    • Sylyss Wyshnalyrr, Solo

  • Warmachine: Menoth To update and sell
    • Exemplar Cinerators [x5]
    • Covenant of Menoth
    • Add more over time

  • Warmachine: Cryx To update and sell
    • Add more over time

  • Hordes: Trollbloods To update and sell
    • Add more over time

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