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Since eleven... Lets see...

A lifetime being a boarding school student - trying to learn to fit in. It felt like a lifetime, too. I never managed to learn to fit in then, but have perfected it over several lifetimes since.
That lifetime was split between Ballarat and Bendigo, with long, extended summers in Swan Hill.

Almost a full lifetime as an undergraduate student in Canberra - learning to play pinball and how to connect to girls. Never really felt I mastered pinball, which is handy because it turned out to be pretty incompatible with girls.

All my lifetimes since have been in Melbourne. Because GIRLS!

Two lifetimes as a university administrator - learning about roleplaying games and the Internet. I have a geekcode somewhere that records my efforts. I did pretty well and loved it.

These were my two lifetimes with Neroli. I think the first was spent learning how to build a relationship and the next was spent tearing it down (without realising what I was doing at the time).

A lifetime with Sophie, learning how to get it right (turns out it is easier than it looks - you just need the right fit). As a hobby, I did tech stuff - took all those Internet lessons and put them to good use. Learnt how much fun it is working for cultural places.

Now I'm starting my second lifetime with Sophie. In China. So far, so good.

[I think I missed one somewhere in there - if anyone sees a lost life, it's mine.]

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