Nov. 2nd, 2011

morsla: (cthonian elephant)
Last night was [ profile] miss_rynn's Halloween Special game - one of my favourite traditions of the year, as it involves good food (including butterscotch-and-black-pepper Cthulhu Cookies), good company and a Call of Cthulhu game full of good old-fashioned New Orleans voodoo zombies. I'm still so full I can hardly move, and I don't think any of the characters technically survived to see the end of the game - so the night was a resounding success.

In other game news, the final Game/Play Late Night Boardgames evening is happening at NGV Studio this Thursday night. If you think that playing boardgames with a bunch of friends (and friendly strangers...) at Fed Square sounds like fun, come along - [ profile] hespa and [ profile] lena_supercat both mentioned that they were planning to be there. [ profile] aeliel and I went a couple of weeks ago, and got to try out a bunch of games that we haven't played before. It's on from 6pm - 10pm in NGV Studio @ Fed Square. Anyone interested in coming along?

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